Debut EP: Delusional

You create the world, the character and the experience of your character. Listen to Delusional in order, to get the complete and moving experience.

1st track, Delusional:

A vague line between fantasy and reality; discovering curiously and exploring in a new world, with the innocence of a child.


2nd track, Overtone:

Seeking the man-made world and man-made creations. Forming an opinion on  good and bad. An inner struggle where you haunt yourself with thoughts. Can you escape?


3rd track, Pulse:

Part I; Determination, clarity and focus; roaming the planet with a direct goal, leaving everything behind. But leaving everything behind.

Part II;  Finding your home.


4th track, Speech:

Looking back on your journey, accepting it is a part of who you are and finding closure. The struggle ends. And with that, the end of your journey…