Jazz is for all ages,

SIMIO shows that.

From the moment that Sergio Abdoelrahman, Tim van Emmerloot and Cas Jiskoot got together and started making music, something special evolved. The music allowed them to share emotions and stories to create a unique sound: ‘Modern jazz with experimental, explosive improvisation’:  New Jazz. That is how their own compositions can be described.

‘Music is a language for us. We play with unity and hear each others stories, sometimes counteracting them. We embrace our different influences from other music genres which creates a sound of our own. ’ SIMIO researches within the music itself. They seek boundaries and expresse themself in music regardless of opinions: ‘Music has to feel right, like any art’. ‘It should, in our opinion, transport you to another reality, tell a profound story.’
After a well received debut EP “Delusional” (rated 8,7 by Music Connection CA, USA)  SIMIO comes with their 2nd studio EP. This time featuring great jazz singer. New compositions show a new path led by the pure passion for all music and development in sound and interplay.
For them, music means freedom, exploration and conveying inexplicable emotion that words can’t. They are therefore who they are with a shared vision: Music is art. Passion, creativity and life journey-emotions come together in a pure, free form which is their distinguished way of playing: Listeners are drawn into the story of  SIMIO.

Read a review of our EP Delusional by award-winning Music Connection Magazine here (8,7)

“A tasteful, illusionary and challenging trio with unexpected young and talented musicians” – Pieter Bast (Jazz Drum Teacher at Conservatory Brussel, Pieter Bast E.S.P. Quintet)

“Yes, this is great jazz music, but the high quality of their music is remarkable considering their age”- Emile Bode (Label owner, Jazzindahouse)