Agenda: Future and Past


June 8th – Official founding of “Simio Jazz Trio”

June 9th – Recording debut EP at Vanmerloot Music Pros

August 1st – Online Release of Delusional by New Jazz Adventure

August 31h – Airplay at Radio Tonka by Matthijs de Ridder Selects

September 2nd – Airplay at Sublime FM | by Bart Wirtz and Rolf Delfos under segment ‘Release of the Week’

September 11th – Concert | Jazzcafe Dizzy, Rotterdam

September 15th – Concert | de Twee Spieghels, Leiden

September 22nd – Exclusive release party  | Vanmerloot Music Pros, ‘s-Graveland

September 22nd – Interview Co Live! on NPO2 Soul&Jazz | listen to it here

October 2nd – Review Music Connection(USA) review 

October 24th – Concert | Cafe des Minimes, Brussel

November 4th – Concert | So What’s Next? Downtown (selected out of a 100 applicants from allover Europe)

November 23rd – Concert | de Regentenkamer, Den Haag

December 2nd – Release | Second EP LIVE released by New Jazz Adventure

December 16th –  Concert | We Make Music Festival, Zuidplein Theater


January 10th – Concert | Regentenkamer (Koorenhuis), The Hague

February 16th – Concert | De Twee Spieghels, Leiden

February 24th – Concert | Mahogany Hall, Edam

March 22nd – Concert | 27Bflat, Brugge

April 6th – Recordingto be announced 

April 7th – Name change | From “Simio Jazz Trio to SIMIO

June 6th – RELEASE CONCERT | de Regentenkamer/het Koorenhuis, Den Haag

June 8th – Concert | Music Label Night, Zuidplein Theater