Simio Jazz Trio

Simio Jazz Trio

Read a review of our EP Delusional by award-winning Music Connection Magazine here (8,7)

“A tasteful, illusionary and challenging trio with unexpected young and talented musicians” – Pieter Bast (Jazz Drum Teacher at Conservatory Brussel, Pieter Bast E.S.P. Quintet)

“Yes, this is great jazz music, but the high quality of their music is remarkable considering their age”- Emile Bode (Label owner, producer, Jazzindahouse)

THURSDAY JUNE 6TH Release Concert featuring Frederike Schonis at Het Koorenhuis. 

Tickets: 10,- (online) 12,50 (door)

Facebook event:

Simio Jazz Trio gives an exclusive presentation of their collaboration with singer Frederike Schonis.

After a successful release of their first EP, Simio Jazz Trio comes with a new studio EP. Original compositions will be featured as well as their collaboration with featuring artist Frederike Schonis. To celebrate this they will give an exclusive presentation/concert on Thursday, June 6th In het Koorenhuis, by de Regentenkamer.

During their performance Simio Jazz Trio will play their new music with Frederike Schonis and other guest artists. Their compositions featuring different artists is something that can’t be heard on the new EP and is exclusive to this release concert. Until now their performances have been received enthusiastically. June 6th will not be an exception to this.

[Exact times to be announced]

After the concert (+/- 1 hour) there will be a Meet & Greet in the Foyer where limited edition merchandise will be made available (only on this evening!!) and the CD sales will start.

Head to in het koorenhuis on Thursday, June 6th and get to know the Simio Jazz Trio.