Simio Jazz Trio

Simio Jazz Trio

“A tasteful, illusionary and challenging trio with unexpected young and talented musicians” – Pieter Bast (Jazz Drum Teacher at Conservatory Brussel, Pieter Bast E.S.P. Quintet)

“Yes, this is great jazz music, but the high quality of their music is remarkable considering their age” – Emile Bode (Label owner, producer, Jazzindahouse)

Read a review of our EP Delusional by award-winning Music Connection Magazine here (8,7)


Upcoming concert dates:

November 23rd                         De Regentenkamer, Den Haag

December 16th                        We Make Music Festival, Rotterdam

February 24th                           Mahogany Hall, Edam

March 22nd                               27Bflat, Brugge



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